There’s an age old adage that goes like this; “There are no atheists in foxholes.” This is statement obviously applies to battlefield conditions during war. However, the very same can be said for almost any SHTF situation that escalates beyond our control. In the event we ever find ourselves in a TEOTWAWKI type scenario, it will be important that we maintain our faith and hope. Most people associate faith with religion, and rightfully so; the two do go hand in hand. You can however, have faith in a number of things that have nothing to do with religion.

You can establish faith in politicians, your spouse, your parents, your children, extended family members and even friends, just to name a few. Faith, in this instance, refers to the establishment of indisputable trust and overwhelming confidence in somebody, or in something. Hope, as we all know, is reserved for those items we strongly want to happen; it is a desire, rather than a need. In a survival situation, we may find ourselves hoping for rescue, hoping the fire stays lit through the night, hoping for a successful hunt, etc. When we find ourselves in dire situations, we need to focus our energy positively if we are to be successful in our attempt at surviving the ordeal. Maintaining a firm grip on hope and faith will help alleviate negativity, which can cripple our abilities to survive before we even get started.

In this first training video, we get an inside look at the construct of establishing faith and belief in yourself. This is an incredibly important aspect of emergency preparedness; if you do not have faith in yourself, and believe in your abilities, then you will not succeed at surviving SHTF scenarios without the assistance of those who do have faith in themselves and their abilities to make it through. Survival situations are neither the time, nor the place, to begin questioning yourself, your skills, or your abilities to overcome the situation; they are the time and place to engage those things with absolute confidence.

This motivational training video details the steps we must take in order to develop the belief in ourselves that is instrumental to success on a daily schedule. If you have doubts about yourself, or your abilities, then you must figure out why those doubts exist, and what you can do to correct them. For many of us, the topics discussed within this training video, will ring true as we listen to them. If we take the time to study ourselves, to better understand ourselves, we will develop a belief in ourselves and abilities that will not falter under the stress of a survival situation.

This training video dives into why people tend to focus more on negative aspects of their lives, rather than the positive aspects. As mentioned before, negativity can and will cripple our abilities to survive any ordeal. When negativity rears its ugly head and tries to trap us on the wrong side of the faith fence, we need to be able to readily identify that situation and begin taking corrective actions immediately. In order to establish faith and retain it, we must believe in ourselves 100{c5b21c851374023fba1a0b8014a5a1a05302c4cf2c1729ef0fd09e1f2ec2b2fe}. The same applies if we are to develop faith in others; we must believe in that person, and trust them implicitly with our life, as well as the lives of our loved ones. This may not be an easy task!

This training video goes into great detail on how to develop and maintain mental strength. This is also an important cog in the faith and hope complex. If you are not mentally strong, then you will not stand up for what you believe in; you will find excuses to allow others to have control over your life, what you think and believe in, what you have faith in, and what things you might be convinced to hold out hope for, all of which is extremely unhealthy. This video explains how to avoid these scenarios and become as mentally strong as you need to be.

In this last training video, the author enlightens us on how to overcome hopelessness. Hopelessness is what the unprepared masses will undoubtedly feel at some point during the aftermath of a SHTF situation. They will be looking for someone to take care of them, to save them, to feed them, care for them, etc. Those of us who take the time to develop ourselves, our mindsets, and our belief and faith, will have a much easier time accommodating to a disaster and overcoming it. Your mind is the most valuable piece of prepper gear you possess, develop it wisely.