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Titan Light
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Exotac is the result of combining a Purdue educated engineer and a true love for everything outdoors. Their vision is, “based upon designing extraordinary, high-quality and unique outdoor and urban gear“. It’s a no compromise operation when it comes to product design and manufacturing. And because Exotac keeps manufacturing to smaller production runs, they’re able to adapt and improve on the fly. Best of all, Exotac products are all made in the USA. The new titanLIGHT from Exotac is no exception.

To some people, carrying a lighter or some means of fire starting is a critical part of their Everyday Carry (EDC). As a non smoker, I typically don’t carry a lighter on my person. But you will find one in the console of my work truck, car, travel backpack, and in a pocket on my sea kayak PFD. Over the years I’ve gone through several good old fashion Bic and Zippo lighters, along with various butane torches. Although they all performed to one degree or another, none had all the attributes I was seeking. The rugged, waterproof titanLIGHT has become my clear favorite.

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