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Essential Oils For Survival: How To Assemble Alternative Remedies For a Perfect Bugout Bag


“I am looking to assemble alternative remedies for my bugout bag. Several of my family members currently take prescriptions. Can essential oils be used for this purpose, and if so, which ones would you recommend Ann?”

Believe it or not this is a question I get quite a bit from fans and followers Mega day download. Several people are obtaining relevant education to prepare for any type of collapse scenario. Additionally, we are experiencing tough economic times, which is a very serious concern for many citizens 몽키컨설팅 다운로드. All of these folks can benefit from the use of essential oils.

In this latest essential oil eBook, I discuss the benefits and advantages of having essential oils in survival kits of all shapes and sizes One piece burning blood download. I also mention what I feel are some of the more useful essential oils to place in those survival kits, as well as the variety of ailments they can be used for hy신명조 다운로드.

Readers will also discover several recipes for essential oil blends that I have prepared myself and used for the purpose indicated in the book itself 신고합니다 다운로드. I am confident that consumers will find this information invaluable, especially in the event of a collapse scenario.

To Your Health & Wellness,

Ann Sullivan

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