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DIY Wool Insoles

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These babies have changed my life. I have perpetually cold feet. This time of year calls for wool socks and Uggs every day around the house, and cozy boots when I go out. Muck Boots are a country girls best friend but if my socks aren’t thick enough, I still get chilled toes. My friend Kate, of Woolen Moss, came to the rescue with her idea to make wool insoles for her winter footwear.* Since I had some of her felt sitting on a shelf, I thought it was high time to put it to use.

I pulled out the thin insoles from my Mucks to use as a pattern. I cut a pair out with sharp shears and tried them on in my Uggs, which always get thin on the interior bottom before the rest wears out. Ooooh…. they were nice. It was like having brand new coziness- instantly. I couldn’t take them out.

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