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Currency Of The Middle Class After The SHTF

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“We will be okay Lydia, we don’t really have to hoard up so much food supply, besides we got the gold and silver! What makes you think that we won’t survive for a year when the SHTF,“ Don told his wife…for all my middle-income earning preppers out there, this statement should be the last thing you tell your spouse. Honestly, they will skin you alive once you realize that this idealism of investing in gold and silver as the only form of currency is nothing but a paradox.

Let us be realistic here, yes, investing in gold and silver is a good idea but it should be the last item in which you invest. Why? This is due to the fact that if you decide to invest mostly into this “currency”, the reality is that you will need lots and lots of it, probably a whole pickup truck of gold bullion’s so as to be able to fully take care of your family’s needs when the SHTF.

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