Home Lifestyle Construction Could You Downsize To A Tiny Home Or Small Cottage?

Could You Downsize To A Tiny Home Or Small Cottage?

Tiny Homes
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With the recent proposal for a cottage home community in Bend, I am curious again about tiny homes. Tiny homes have been a hot topic for a few years, offering an affordable home ownership opportunity—but with that come hindrances including building codes and zoning laws, not to mention financing. In regard to the proposed community in southeast Bend, where a builder hopes to build a community of several dozen smaller homes, I remain interested in how it will develop—and how it may help create similar opportunities across Oregon.

Undoubtedly, the novelty, simplicity, smaller carbon footprint and financial aspects are the main attractions in this movement. For myself, I would find the downsizing of my home to be the biggest challenge to living in a tiny home or cottage. Many of us are stuck in the dilemma of living large, with the financial burden of a higher housing payment and drain of time in maintaining homes that are too big for our needs.

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