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Combat Casualty Caregiver Guide


“In a disaster situation, what is the best type of off grid medical training to consider becoming certified in?”

First things first, all medical issues should be addressed by someone who is certified in the field of providing care under stressful situations. That being said, when it comes to getting your medical preps in order, a basic first-aid kit should be the primary order of business. This is very limited and using the kit requires no certification.

Beyond first-aid care, in the civilian world, becoming certified as a paramedic would be beneficial. Paramedics are trained in stabilizing a patient and preparing them for transportation to a better equipped medical facility for further treatment.

If you are considering the military as an option, permanently or temporarily, then you might want to look at the Combat Caregiver training provided by military units that see ample time on the front lines of the battlefields America is involved in. 

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Tristan Trubble

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