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DIY Match Lighting Slingshot & How To Make It In Just 5 Minutes

DIY Match Lighting Slingshot is a how to make a slingshot video in under 15 minutes that has the accuracy to light a match...

DIY Fire Starters For Your Next Camping Trip

Everyone (well, almost everyone!) loves DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hacks. And what better place to exhibit your innovative improvisation than on your next camping trip? In...

DIY Clay Pot Space Heater

Would you believe that you can heat your space with a few candles and a couple of flower pots, all for just pennies a...
DIY Rocket Stove

DIY Tin Can Rocket Stove

Rocket stoves are a great item to have for any off grid homestead or bushcraft kit. They’re great in any survival situation, or a...

17 Amazing 550 Paracord Projects Perfect For Survival

Paracord is one of my favorite survival tools. It’s strong, it won’t deteriorate over time and doesn’t absorb water. In my opinion, it’s a survival...