DIY Wind Turbine

DIY Wind Turbine

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Design And Build Off Grid Solar Power System: DIY Complete Guide

The price of the solar panels is getting cheaper, day by day. The manufacturers are trying to make it more affordable, anyone can buy...
4 Ways

4 Ways To Simplify Your DIY Projects

Whether you're working on a spring home improvement project or a summer task, this is the time of year when you focus on improving...

Can DIY 3-D Solar Panels Generate 2,000 % More Power?

Field testing showed that the 3D array generated up to 2000% more than a fixed array with the same footprint. A few years ago there...
Rocket Heater

DIY Rocket Stove | Rocket Mass Heater Plans & Instructions

A rocket stove mass heater or rocket heater, is a space heating system developed from the rocket stove, a type of efficient wood-burning stove,...

5 DIY Outdoor Solar Shower Ideas

Outdoor showers have always been popular for beach-dwellers, but they are becoming more mainstream for large, upscale houses and tiny off grid cabins alike....

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Another pallet DIY today. We just love our reclaimed wood projects. I’ve been wanting Mike to make a new coffee table for our...
DIY Compost Bin

DIY Compost Bin And Tips For Composting Beginners

For a homesteader or someone that wants to be more self-sustaining, a compost pile is a must have. One bin can improve the health...
DIY Solar

How To Build Your Own Solar Panel System?

Doing it yourself has become more than a trend for many adventurous homeowners - it's a way of life. One of the latest projects...
DIY Solar Projects

DIY Solar Projects Made Simple – Even Forrest Gump Could Do This

Most folks have the “idea” that solar costs lots of big bucks. But the truth of the matter is – solar energy is an...

12 Super-Simple Workbenches You Can Build

Every home workshop (even if it's just a sliver of your garage) needs a quality workbench. One of these 12 designs is sure to...