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Wind Powered Composter the Green Twist Exactly 12 Steps

Wind Powered Composter

Composting is the easiest thing one can do to help your community. With a wealth of good soil you, your neighbors, and everyone else...
Pallet Shed

Pallet Shed

My wife and I moved into our new place a couple years ago knowing we would need to get a riding mower to keep...
DIY Carbine

DIY Carbine: How To Build The Ultimate Stealth Weapon

As rough as the past decade of gun-ban hysteria and leftist demagoguery has been for gun enthusiasts who simply want to enjoy...
DIY Lanterns

5 DIY Projects To Get Your Kids Through A Rainy Summer Day

When it’s sunny, 80 degrees and feels like the perfect day for a dip in Lake Michigan, we Chicagoans know exactly what that means:...
Solar System

My DIY Solar Power Setup – Free Energy for Life

It is pretty well known at this point that Mr. Money Mustache is enamored with solar power. Besides the obvious Sci-Fi coolness of it...

Reloading 101: How To Reload Ammo

Reloading your own ammo is a cost-effective alternative that gives you a deeper understanding of the ammunition you’re handling. Before you begin reloading make...
Hiding Places

20 Secret Hiding Places

Got some cash or valuables to hide? Try one of these clever, simple ways to hide those items from all but the smartest, most...

I Bet You Can’t Build A Polymer 80 Custom Glock 19..For Less!

This is by far the MOST AFFORDABLE way to build a Polymer 80 Custom Glock 19, aka Polymer 80 PF940C / PF940V2.
Ghost Guns

Building A “Ghost Gun”

A so-called 80-percent receiver is an AR-15 lower receiver that is 80-percent finished. Depending on the material and the manufacturer, you...

How To Build A Movie Screen

For a backyard movie night, you can project a film onto any light-colored background. Or, create your own screen with a few basic supplies. what...