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Military Compass

MLC1 Professional Military Lensatic Sighting Metal Compass With Carrying Pouch

The MLC1 professional-grade lensatic metal compass with carrying pouch is compact and very lightweight, 3.3 inches long and 2.5 inches wide when folded or...
12 Survivors Solar Shower

12 Survivors 5 Gallon Solar Shower

Make outdoor showering a breeze with the 12 Survivors 20 Liter Solar Shower. Holding up to 20 liters of water, the 12 Survivors 20...
NRA Waterproof Blanket

NRA Tactical Waterproof Blanket

It’s the most versatile survival blanket available! With an impermeable outer shell bonded to insulating fleece, the NRA Tactical Waterproof Blanket defies water, wind...
Leathermen Tread Review

Leatherman Tread Tempo Review

When Leatherman first introduced the Tread multitool bracelet a couple of years back, my first thought was, “Wow. That’s a brilliant idea!" After all, the...

Poll: What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Headwear?

When you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, covering your head can offer a number of benefits. Hats and other head coverings can help...
Clickspring Fire Piston

The Clickspring Fire Piston

Using an ignition technique completely different to most fire starting methods, The Clickspring Fire Piston is particularly suited to starting a fire in high...
Whistle 2018

Fuziun CMG – Coming Spring 2018!

Two Great Whistles That Sound Great Together - Optimal Sound Power As the worldwide leader in whistle technology, Fox 40 set out to develop a...
Hurricane Survival Kit

Hurricane Survival Kit Every Southerner Needs

What did the hurricane say to the coconut palm tree? Hold on to your nuts, this is no ordinary blow job! Seriously...

Preppers: Best New Survival Gear SHOT Show 2018

The phrase “survival gear” is subjective. What one person may be prepping for will be different than what someone else is prepping for. For...
Mini Wood Stove

Buyer’s Guide: Mini Wood Stoves

Although making a campfire is easy, there’s some fine-tuning that can be done to improve its performance. Surrounding your fire area with rocks is...