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Woman Found Alive Seven Days After Driving Off California Cliff

An Oregon woman survived for a week after driving her car over a coastal cliff in California before she was discovered by chance by...

How To Pick A Lock

Whether you’re a suave spy or simply a guy who keeps forgetting his keys, lock picking is a handy skill to have. With some...

What Outside Readers Bought In June

Our editors spend a lot of time sorting, testing, and reviewing the latest and greatest gear, and it’s always interesting to see which reviews...
Sawyer Water Filter

The Sawyer Mini Water Filter Is An Absolute Marvel

An important consumer alert has been issued for people who already own, or plan to buy, a water filter. In order to better protect themselves...
Tread_Tempo_Black_Right Side

Tread Tempo

The Tread Tempo® combines 30 hard-working tools with a precision Leatherman-designed, Swiss-made timepiece. It effortlessly fuses utility and style for quick fixes at home...
Water Brick

Survival Water Brick

The WaterBrick is a revolutionary water storage system! Say goodbye to shelves full of one gallon jugs that leak and take up tons of...
Solar Cookers

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Cooker

A solar cooker is an appliance similar to an oven, but it uses heat from sunlight to cook food instead of gas or electricity....
Fish Net

Goture Portable Folded Fishing Net

Portable 6 sides 12 Holes automatic telescopic fishing shrimp trap, convenient and simple, no need to install, easy to use. Just pull the string...
Portable Solar

The Best Portable Solar Panels And Chargers Of 2018

On the hunt for a new solar panel charging set up for your next off-the-grid adventure? We have scoured the market and looked at...

Firebiner 5-in-1 Multi-tool and Fire Starter

Survival and convenience rarely go hand in hand, but these two opposites are joined together in the handy Firebiner. This carabiner can’t support you while...