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The Best Survival Knife 2018

A knife is often said to be the most vital tool for wilderness survival, and while there is a strong argument for an axe...

Winter Survival Kits, Extreme Cold Weather Gear, And Winterizing Your Home And Car

If you live in an area with severe winters, it’s just as important to prepare for winter season as it is for people along...

Hurricane 2018: Gear Up To Gut It Out. Prepare Your Kit Now.

In the months before Hurricane Irma plotted a path through the heart of Tampa Bay, analysts and experts dubbed the region the most vulnerable...
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5 Crucial Pieces Of Survival Gear You Should Never Buy Cheap And Why

Sometimes it’s okay to buy cheap survival gear, and sometimes you definitely shouldn’t. These five very important items should NEVER be bought cheap. We prep...
Space Blanket

The Benefits Of Space Blankets In A Survival Situation

Space blankets, also known as Mylar blankets or First Aid blankets, have a reputation for being little more than thin sheets of foil that...
Alaska Pilots Gear

Here’s What Survival Gear Alaska Pilots Are Required To Carry

With its vast swaths of wilderness, mountain ranges and often unpredictable weather, Alaska can be a treacherous air space for aviators. “Aviation in Alaska, obviously,...

Trending Gear: July 2018

Every day, readers like you proudly share photos of their everyday carry on the site. Not only is looking through their pockets this way super...
Survival Gear

Survival Gear Checklist For A Basic Survival Kit

Emergency situations can happen when we least expect, but by simply making a survival gear checklist we can help improve our chances of surviving...

Aerospace-Engineer-Turned-Outdoors-Entrepreneur Takes Stab At Survival Knife Prototypes

It’s been more than a year since Mike Mojica quit his aerospace engineering job to make outdoor survival gear full time. Now he’s looking to...

The 8 Best Portable Solar Chargers To Buy In 2018

Image Source We all know the sudden panic that sets in when we see a “low battery” warning on our smartphone, tablet, laptop or other...