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How to Behave on a First Date

There’s a reason watching them on the TV has become the nation’s favourite pastime, and that’s because first dates are universally awkward. Seeing as we’re...

Lifestyle: Relationship Advice for Women from Men

Image Source When a girl needs a bit of advice about men, where does she normally turn? Other girls, of course, but then, that’s a...

Have Sexual Performance Anxiety? What Both Men and Women Need to Know

Image Source Sex is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, but for some, it can evoke feelings of major anxiety, making the act of sex...
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How Important is Sex for A Man

You might wonder why it is that men care so much about sex. Or why is sex so important to men? Women have wondered...
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6 Sex ‘Rules’ For People In Relationships, From Sex Therapists

Even couples who start off with hot-and-heavy sex lives go through slumps at some point. Below, sex therapists around the country share six rules and...

Why Having Sex When You’re Tired Can Ruin Your Relationship

What’s more important for a healthy relationship: sleep or sex? The answer may surprise you. Earlier this year, I was in a state of extreme...