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15 Tricks To Make Your Tent The Comfiest Place On Earth

Camping is a blast – friends, family, yummy campfire food and fun camping games. Now some will say that the only way to truly...
SIERRA Backcountry Water cover WB

How To Treat Backcountry Water On The Cheap

The year I graduated from college, I was accepted into a program to teach English on a small Pacific atoll without running water or...

12 Simple Survival Hacks That Could Be Real Lifesavers In An Emergency

The world can be crazy place, and a lot can go wrong before you even know it. One moment you’re happily hiking along a...
Folded Bra

15 Crazy Camping And Survival Hacks

Image Source Television shows, books, and those viral Facebook videos have encouraged us to “hack” our way to an easier life. But what is a...

Can You Start A Fire With A Pencil?

Did you know you can start a fire using a pencil and jumper cables? Here's how to do it step-by-step! Read More

44 Unique Burglary Prevention Tips On How To Burglar Proof Your Home!

Ever wanted to know how to burglar-proof your home? These are our 44 Unique burglary prevention tips from a convicted thief that actually works....

How To Use Bleach To Purify Water For Drinking

Lately, it feels like we’ve been inundated with tornadoes in the Midwest, out-of-season Hurricanes on the Coasts, and flooding in areas that are usually...
Fish Trap

How to Make a Fish Trap Out of a Bottle

Last week our lakes were high as we had a lot of water in a short amount of time. This caused the lake to...
50 Prepper Terms

50 Prepper Terms And Acronyms You Should Learn

The world of prepping, survivalism, and homesteading is basically one huge subculture. And as with every subculture, it has its own terms, acronyms, and...
5 Hacks

Beat The Next Natural Disaster: 5 High-Tech Hacks

Let’s face it, no one knows when disaster may strike. Extreme weather has been on the rise throughout the country, from droughts that lead...