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Budgeting When You’re In Survival Mode

Budgeting and tracking your spending are helpful habits for anyone who wants to achieve financial goals. But, when you’re financially sinking, it’s a whole...

Natural Disaster Survival: How to Save Yourself and Your Finances

Natural disasters happen no matter where you live. Laura explains how to be properly insured, get a fair claim settlement, apply for federal assistance,...
Economic Collapse

How Diversified Income Sources Helps Economic Collapse Preparation

In this series, you will look at what life is like for a family man living in a social and economic collapse. The writer...
Hurricane Insurance

Hurricane Insurance: Is It Important? Why Do You Need It?

The National Hurricane Center named the first storm of this hurricane season before the season officially begun. Last month, Alberto was declared a storm...

Is Cryptocurrency The Right Investment For Preppers?

With Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency exploding off newspaper pages, magazine covers and many internet websites, it’s hard to ignore this strange and...