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The Road To A Simple Life: Minimalist Living Without Going Overboard

It was Leonardo Da Vinci who said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. He is right! Minimalist living isn’t a new trend, it has been...
Tiny Home

The Truth About What It’s Like To Live In A Tiny Home

I didn’t choose to live tiny. Tiny living chose me. Seven years ago, during the most brutal year of my life, I was knocked...
First time

Camping For Beginners

Even if you’re the most urban of creatures, the urge to get out of the city—to camp out, in fact—can seize your...

5 Things To Consider When You Are Preparing For A Job Interview

How do you see the job for which you are applying? Does it represent a needed paycheck or a valued opportunity to utilize your...
Homestead stuff

How Much Land You Need For A Homestead

Image Source Excitement for purchasing our homestead almost left us on the wrong piece of land. With some money in the bank, we were READY...
Off Grid

Living Off The Grid: What Is It And 3 Realistic Options To Start Now

Whether you are prepping for armageddon or prepping your budget, living off the grid can be a dream come true to many.
Prepping 101

Beginner’s Guide To Prepping

Image Source What is Prepping? To put it simply, prepping is basically the same thing as survivalism. The practices and concepts are similar for both, but...

Prepping 101: 12 Tips to Help People Start Prepping

Image Source One of the questions that I get asked the most is, “How do I start prepping?” One of the biggest secrets about prepping...
Kids on homestead

Kids Learn The Ropes Early When Growing Up On A Farm

When Ethan Malmborg was 5 years old, his father came downstairs at midnight to find his son at the dining room table...

What It Really Means To Be An Outdoorsman

A true outdoorsman is hard to define. It seems simple - much like cooking an egg over easy - but it is,...