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How To Survive Your First Year Developing Land Into A Homestead Or Farm

When you are developing land, a homestead or farm, these kind of things happen. They are a part of the adventure. They are getting...

12 Basic Homesteading Skills Every Homesteader Should Learn

Have you ever wanted to begin the homesteading lifestyle but thought, “I don’t have what it takes?” Don’t get...

The Ultimate Indoor Vegetable Gardening Guide

Image Source If you are a new to indoor vegetable gardening, then read on, because this guide will help you grow the best vegetables, right...

Canning 101: The Complete Guide To Canning Food For Beginners

There are many reasons to can your food. If you grow lots of vegetables and fruits in your garden,...
Survival Schools

List Of The Best Survival Schools In The USA

One of the best investments I ever spent was enrolling in a 3-day survival school course with my family. Not only...
Off Grid

Living Off The Grid: What Is It And 3 Realistic Options To Start Now

Whether you are prepping for armageddon or prepping your budget, living off the grid can be a dream come true to many.

The Road To A Simple Life: Minimalist Living Without Going Overboard

It was Leonardo Da Vinci who said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. He is right! Minimalist living isn’t a new trend, it has been...
Prepping 101

Beginner’s Guide To Prepping

Image Source What is Prepping? To put it simply, prepping is basically the same thing as survivalism. The practices and concepts are similar for both, but...
Homestead stuff

How Much Land You Need For A Homestead

Image Source Excitement for purchasing our homestead almost left us on the wrong piece of land. With some money in the bank, we were READY...
Life on the Homestead

Life On The Homestead: On Becoming Self-Sufficient

Given any thought to becoming self-sufficient? You — yes, you! — can learn the skills you need. Here’s how one modern...