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Survival Schools

List Of The Best Survival Schools In The USA

One of the best investments I ever spent was enrolling in a 3-day survival school course with my family. Not only...
First time

Camping For Beginners

Even if you’re the most urban of creatures, the urge to get out of the city—to camp out, in fact—can seize your...
Off Grid

Living Off The Grid: What Is It And 3 Realistic Options To Start Now

Whether you are prepping for armageddon or prepping your budget, living off the grid can be a dream come true to many.
Kids on homestead

Kids Learn The Ropes Early When Growing Up On A Farm

When Ethan Malmborg was 5 years old, his father came downstairs at midnight to find his son at the dining room table...
Life on the Homestead

Life On The Homestead: On Becoming Self-Sufficient

Given any thought to becoming self-sufficient? You — yes, you! — can learn the skills you need. Here’s how one modern...

Disaster Prepping With Children: From Infancy To Adolescence

As a parent, there is probably nothing more terrifying than having a disaster strike and not being prepared. Our...

What It Really Means To Be An Outdoorsman

A true outdoorsman is hard to define. It seems simple - much like cooking an egg over easy - but it is,...

How To Get Off The Grid And Live Rent Free

Many people dream of living off the grid, rent-free — and a select few have turned that dream into a reality. It takes more...

Winterizing Your Homestead Even After It’s Too Late

Winter is inevitable. At times, it is a mild affair. At other times, snow piles up higher than a man. Preparing your homestead...

The Ultimate Guide To Camping With Kids

If you’re a member of Hike it Baby, chances are, you’re an outdoors lover. You might have ventured out on backpacking or car camping...