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80 percent lower

Building Guns – The Solution To Dumb Gun Laws

Politicians love “do something” measures. “Do something” measures are ineffective laws that give the appearance of politicians doing their jobs. In an effort to...
224 Valkyrie

224 Valkyrie: Redefining Long Range Shooting for MSR Platforms

Federal Premium’s 224 Valkyrie takes the long-range precision and ballistic performance of the MSR 15 platform to unheard of heights. The results recorded by...

Magpul Introduces The Magpul Bipod

As if any of us needed Magpul to make more awesome stuff for us to buy, Magpul has now introduced their new Magpul Bipod...
Shoot N C Target

Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C® 12″ Handgun Trainer Target

• The perfect training tool for improving your shooting form • Shoot-N-C technology creates bright halos around bullet holes • Instructional zones alert you to specific flaws in shooting...

Shooting The Bull: Reasons To Reload Your Own Ammo

In my last column, I detailed two of the primary reasons I believe that reloading your own pistol, rifle or shotgun ammunition might be...
Gun Accessories

10 Rifle Accessories You Should Have In A Survival Scenario

The best way to survive an emergency situation is to be prepared for everything, including a rifle as a means to hunt, or defend...
Mule Stock

Mule Tac–Glock In A Stock Review

We first caught wind of the MULE Tactical at SHOT Show this year. They were kind enough to send us one for review....
Molon Labe

Molon Labe

Standard handguard is anodized black or cerakote armor black depending on what we have in stock. Includes barrel nut and mounting screw. Come and...

Simunition Training, Where The Rubber Meets The Road

For longer than I probably care to admit, I thought I had a good grasp of what I’d do if the SHTF. Some of...

The Binary Firing System ™ GEN 3 (BFSIII™)

The Binary Firing System ™ GEN 3 (BFSIII™) is a 3-position trigger. In position 3 it fires one round on pull and one round...