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Polar-Circle Air Cruise

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Yukon Adventure

The Long Road Trip To Alaska

We made it! All 4,609 miles of the long road trip to Alaska. All 10 tanks of diesel. All the money that diesel cost (ouch)....
Canoe Camping

A Beginner’s Guide To Canoe And Kayak Camping

Few camping experiences match that of loading up your canoe or kayak and embarking on an overnight trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re paddling down...
Caribou Lodge Alaska

Caribou Lodge Alaska

At this lodge about 15 miles southeast of Talkeetna, you’ll feel like you’re at a friend’s cabin in the woods. A friend, that is,...
Women Adventures

The Best Weekend Escapes In The US For Female Outdoor Adventures

WHILE FEMALE-ONLY outdoor adventure companies (Wild Women Expeditions, Adventure Women, etc.) have been around for decades, this type of service is becoming a more...
Teton Explorer

Yellowstone & Grand Teton Explorer

HIGHLIGHTS ** Soak in the glory of Old Faithful & the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone ** Sea kayaking on the pristine waters of Jackson Lake...
Upper New River Adventure

Upper New River White Water Rafting

Upper New River rafting is mild white water. This is a great place for a family raft trip, or for scouts and youth groups...
Overnight adventures

Welcome To Rock Creek Pack Station

Can't fit your vacation time to one of our scheduled trips? We can schedule a trip for you. Take a look at our base...
Adventure Biking

Mountain Bike The Tahoe Rim Trail, California/Nevada

Encircling the largest alpine lake in North America, the 165-mile (266-kilometer) Tahoe Rim Trail just may be the singletrack with the greatest view in...
Yellowstone Lake

Kayak Lake Yellowstone, Wyoming

Located about as far from any roadway as it’s possible to get in the lower 48, the Thorofare region of Yellowstone is the most...
Adventure 1

5 Adventures You Should Be Planning For In 2018

It’s around this time of year when we, up here in the Northern Hemisphere, begin to dream of future adventures. The weather has begun...