Polar Circle

Polar-Circle Air Cruise

Yellowstone Hiking

Yosemite Winter Adventure


Home Adventure

Geocaching Is A Life-Changing Adventure For One Man

Many hikers have their eyes set on the end of the trail, but for geocachers, the real prize may be found along the way...
Kids Adventure

With 1,080 Children Competing, 2018 Kids Adventure Games Was The Biggest Yet

Just how big can the Kids Adventure Games get? Not big enough, says founder Helene Mattison. What started as a spin-off of a birthday party backyard...
Bike Hike Adventures

A Passion For Adventure: Trish Sare Of BikeHike Adventures

Starting an adventure travel company is no easy task. Developing it into a dynamic and financially successful endeavor for nearly 25 years is something...

Luce County Has Outdoor Adventures Year Round

Perhaps you just think of it as a quick stop on your drive across the U.P. on M-28, a small county with a population...

The 10 Best Places On Earth To Swim With Sharks

There are two types of people in the world: Those who think you’d be batshit crazy to descend into an ocean full of beady-eyed,...

Bear Grylls Adventure Park To Feature Diving With Sharks

Merlin Entertainment’s new adventure attraction – Bear Grylls Adventure Park – will offer a range of extreme challenges including diving with sharks. The new Bear...

The Simple Joy Of Camping In The Backyard

The tradition of camping in my backyard began simply enough. We had one tent in our garage that fit two people. I wanted to...
Thai Boys

Thai Rescue: How To Help The Boys Survive Months In A Cave

Twelve boys and their football coach have been found alive in a cave in Thailand, after being missing for nine days. But the group...

5 Adventures You Should Be Planning For 2018!

It’s around this time of year when we, up here in the Northern Hemisphere, begin to dream of future adventures. The weather has begun...

The Sun Oven

Here's a story from someone who won an All American Sun Oven in a Giveaway hosted by someone else! Take advantage of your opportunity...