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“I’m new to the “prepping” movement. I recently began putting together a bugout bag and an emergency kit for the car. Personally, I prefer to have a haven established prior to SHTF. What can you tell me about shelters?”

Shelters can be anything. In fact, your very first line of shelter defense is your clothes. The clothes you wear when exiting the house are a type of temporary, mobile shelter; they keep your body warm and dry, or at least they try to. Additional temporary shelters can be constructed out of natural, and/or manmade materials, and can take any shape or configuration desired.

This guide book provides valuable insight and instruction on various types of bunkers. For the most part, bunkers are those havens that are setup to provide a temporary, or permanent, alternative to the standard shelter situation we are currently familiar with. These shelters can be prefabricated and placed into position, or they can be built on the fly when the time, tools, and material are all available.

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Tristan Trubble

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