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Bulletproof 50 Backpack

Bulletproof backpack
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Our NIJ IIIA bulletproof 50 backpack is big enough for back country hiking and streamlined enough for use as an all-around day pack. Its single Light Beam aluminum stays in place and an HDPE frame sheet creates lightweight, reliable support.

The pack’s Dynamic Air Flow back panel allows warm air to escape so that you stay cool while carrying weight. A contoured, padded waist belt offers comfortable load support. The patented Scherer Cinch uses a pulley-like system to double the tightening force on the waist belt, ensuring that the brunt of the pack’s weight rests on your hips.

The curved and padded shoulder straps on both sides can be quickly and easily adjusted to comfortably fit varying torso lengths. Load lifter straps relieve stress on your shoulders and an adjustable sternum strap positions the shoulder straps across the chest to prevent chafing under the arms and on the shoulders.

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