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Building Guns – The Solution To Dumb Gun Laws

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Politicians love “do something” measures. “Do something” measures are ineffective laws that give the appearance of politicians doing their jobs. In an effort to do something several states across the country are passing laws making it illegal to purchase a firearm until the age of 21. Building Guns may be the only solution young adults have for gun ownership now in several states to defeat this alarming trend of do something gun control.

This do something effort comes in the wake of a mass shooting committed by someone 19 years old. Mass shootings are a statistical outlier, but this particular one was an outlier inside an outlier. Mass shootings, in general, are not committed by people that are 18, 19, or 20. Unfortunately, this age range is an easy target for unconstitutional do something laws. People at that age range tend to be less politically active and less likely to vote, so they are easy targets.

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