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Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C® 12″ Handgun Trainer Target

Shoot N C Target
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• The perfect training tool for improving your shooting form
• Shoot-N-C technology creates bright halos around bullet holes
• Instructional zones alert you to specific flaws in shooting form
• 90 included repair pasters ensure long-lasting target use
Birchwood Casey’s Shoot-N-C 12″ Handgun Trainer Target is just the tool you need to perfect your shooting form. Innovative Shoot-N-C technology creates a brightly colored halo around bullet holes each time the target is impacted, ensuring you’re able to quickly and efficiently identify shot placement. This, combined with distinct instructional zones that alert you to flaws in shooting form, results in tighter groups and improved confidence with each pull of the trigger. Includes five targets and 90 repair pasters to extend target life. Made in USA.

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