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Best Survival And Prepper Books

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We’ve spent countless hours tracking over 185 of the top survival books so you don’t waste time and money. There’s an overwhelming amount of books for emergency preparedness. But a lot of them are derivative junk that spend more time on politics and Doomsday Porn than actually helpful advice — or worse, some actually give harmful prepping advice. We used our years of experience as preppers, survival instructors, and authors to curate the best books for you.

Just in Case is one of the best books on household preparedness and overall introduction to prepping we’ve ever found. It’s especially useful for families, and a good choice to give people you care about who haven’t yet started preparing. Just in Case covers how to shelter in place under a wide variety of circumstances and how to prepare and decide to bug out if you need to. It doesn’t cover as much of what to do after bugging out. It does preach a “use and replace” supply cycle, which we have some issue with because life gets in the way and interrupts the cycle, potentially leaving you unprepared when you need it.

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