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Beat The Next Natural Disaster: 5 High-Tech Hacks

5 Hacks
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Let’s face it, no one knows when disaster may strike. Extreme weather has been on the rise throughout the country, from droughts that lead to wildfires to flooding from hurricanes to unprecedented winter storms. Add these high-tech weapons to your preparedness arsenal to beat the next disaster.

1. ICE in Your Hands

Provide emergency responders vital data even if you are unable to communicate. Responders can bypass your phone’s lock to access your in-case-of-emergency (ICE) contacts, as well as your medical conditions, allergies and medications if you use one of the following apps. If you have an iPhone, fill out the Medical ID section of the Health app that comes with your phone. For Android users, there are several free apps available on the Google Play store that function the same way as Apple’s Health app Medical ID.

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