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Apocalypse Now? How to Survive in Style.

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My Quest is, in part, a product of the exciting times we are living in.

The scale and speed of the global revolution that is taking place – from Silicon Valley to Rift Valley, and from Elon Musk’s AI to the latest prototype VTOL cars – is simply breathtaking.

As with all exciting developments, it’s a huge step into the unknown. As such, it’s understandable that fear – the sense of uncertainty that goes hand in hand with change – is becoming a driving force for those who are plugged into a global economy, and who value their family’s safety, security, and most crucially, freedom.

Mostly, it’s driving them to ensure that their ability to move around the world is not limited by the accident of birth. As I always say, a second or third passport is an easy, essential tool to allay those concerns.

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