Have you ever wondered what would happen if you woke up tomorrow morning and all of the paper money products in your possession were completely and utterly useless? How would you function? What would you use in place of dollar bills to purchase the goods and services you need? What items of value do you currently have that you could trade for items you need but do not have? Do you even have anything of value stockpiled in reserve for such an occasion? While most people take daily life for granted, there is a very real possibility that the fiat currencies we are currently using will collapse; if history is any kind of teacher, all fiat currencies have eventually failed.

In this training module we will be focusing on those items that are recommend most often by those who are considered experts in the emergency preparedness community. In the event that we experience a collapse of either a social, or an economic nature, then we will undoubtedly need to rely on alternative currencies to conduct transactions. Obviously a collapse scenario will eliminate any and all value associated with paper money products. When this occurs, the items you have possession of may be all you have at your disposal to conduct business as usual. It is for this purpose you need to address this issue as soon as possible.

Buying junk silver does not sound like a promising avenue to approach when looking for valuable items to stock and store as a hedge against an inevitable economic collapse; however, there is value in those junk silver coins. The author if this video shares valuable insight on what to look for when buying junk silver coins in bulk. Many of the professionals in the emergency preparedness community agree with this recommendation. Silver coins are less valuable than some of the other items we will be discussing, which makes it suitable for making small purchases on an alternate economic market.

In the first training video the author discussed buying junk silver coins as a hedge against an economic collapse. In this training video the author goes into more detail on identifying the differences between junk silver coins, and collectible silver coins. Collectible silver coins may hold more value under current conditions, due to supply and demand parameters in the coin collector community, however they will only be worth the established price for silver as a bartering item in an after collapse currency exchange system. While having collectible coins is not a bad idea, one should be prepared to lose out on significant values should a collapse occur.

Gold has always held intrinsic value throughout the history of mankind. It therefore stands to reason that it will maintain value in a post economic collapse condition. Gold is normally considered a long term investment. In a post collapse scenario various rates of exchange may be established by the local economies that pop up and dot the landscape. This training video provides some valuable insight as to what beginning investors should look for when getting involved with buying gold.

In this training segment the author shares some very valuable information on where to buy gold, silver, and precious metals. Wanting to buy gold and silver, and having the finances to invest in this type of opportunity, are noble ideas for the beginning prepper. However, where you decide to buy gold, silver, and precious metals is just as important so that you do not end up being taken by one of the many con artists currently conducting illegitimate business in the community and industry.

In this final training video, the author goes into detail on the advantages of stockpiling ammo to be used as a bartering agent should SHTF happen. Ammunition holds no intrinsic value in the modern currency exchange. However, in a post collapse condition, ammunition will be much more valuable than any paper money products that are left lying around. Ammunition can be used to hunt for food, as well as provide security and protection against predators, animal and human. It is a very cost effective investment and will find its place among the currency exchange systems when the economy nosedives into oblivion.