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Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work(it must be daunting, but I’m sure you knew that when you took it on). I subscribe to many newsletters and have a few books, but I gotta tell ya I really enjoy yours THE MOST!! Keep up the great work.

Jim R.

Just a note to thank you for your magazine and your website. First, my husband and I subscribed to Survivalist. Second, we listened to the webinar about heirloom seeds and bought them! Third, we saw the properties you advertised and we found the off-grid home of our dreams and bought it! To say that you have helped to change our life is an understatement. Life is an adventure – and we’re glad to share that ride with you!

Judy and Terry

Upcoming Issue Topics:

Issue #16: Homesteading/ Going Off Grid
Deadline Feb 28th / Ships Mar 18th
Developing Disaster Relationships, Hand Digging a Well, Rain Water as a Resource, How to Build an Ash Hopper, Changing Personal Hygiene Habits, Bow Drilling & Fire Making, Homesteading Stew from Scratch, Self-Reliant Self-Defense Animals, Disposing of Waste Water, Helpful Home Remedies, Alternate Pressing Methods, Reap what you sow, How to Make a Crayon Candle, The Survival Seamstress, How to Season Cast Iron Cookery, Iron Skillet Apple Pie, Pedal Power Advantages, Developing Different Habits, Sustainable Development (US Govt), What is Homesteading?, What to Grow in Your Garden?, Getting Rid of GMO’s, Living off Livestock, The Underground Oven, Winterizing Your Garden, Cash Crops for Economic Collapse, How to Start Your Own Seed Bank, The Bushcraft Butcher’s Block, Clearing Land by Hand, Pack Animals for Progress, Identifying Underground Water, Protecting Your Property, How to Handwash laundry, The, Importance of Heating & Cooling, Saying Hello with a Shotgun, Homemade Dish & Laundry Soap, Homemade Crockery & Utensils, Patchwork for Preppers, Crop & Livestock Protection, Doing the Dirty Crockery, Dutch Oven Bread Baking, Building a Stocked Pond, Animal Lard Lighting, Sun Oven Solutions, Moonshine & Machinery, Basics of Buschcraft Cooking, Emergency Rehydration and more…

Issue #17: Collapse of the Electrical Grid
Deadline May 2nd / Ships May 19th
Passing the Time Away, Substitute Lighting Solutions, Differences in Generatorsm, DIY Solar Panels, The Tesla Tower, Peanut Butter, Camping Lantern for Kids, Water when the Lights Go Out, Solar Atmospheric Water Generator, Urban Water Survival Tool, Keeping Food, Cool Without Refrigeration, Off Grid Energy Options, The 50 hour Soy survival candle, Water Storage Barrels, Hot Packed Home Canned Carrots, Hand Crank Walkie Talkies, Organizing with Others, Keeping Kids Creative (Survival Bracelet), Why Landlines are Logical, Archimedes Screw, Developing Pinhole Pictures, Making Flour with Mortar & Pestle, The Solar Shower Solution, Solar Suitcase for Child Birth, Harvesting Log Cabin Lumber, Brick Rocket Stove Solution, Combat Medic Field Manual, Wooden Rain Barrel Water Tank, Survival Siphon Pumps, Cooking Without Electricity, How to Weave on a Frame Loom, How to build a Cardboard Camera, Irish Soda Skillet Baked Bread Recipe, Resources for Research, How to Make an Oriental Fan, The Bushcraft Bacon Grease Candle, Portable Water Purification Pens, Building an icebox, How to Make a Bow Drill, Digging up Pay Dirt, The Shaker Siphon for Survival, Off Grid Medical Gear, Cleaning the Quarters, Keeping Your Cool and more…


[Deadline: 07/03/14] [Ships: 07/22/14] Issue #18
[Deadline: 08/29/14] [Ships: 09/16/14] Issue #19
[Deadline: 10/17/14] [Ships: 11/04/14] Issue #20