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A Passion For Adventure: Trish Sare Of BikeHike Adventures

Bike Hike Adventures
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Starting an adventure travel company is no easy task. Developing it into a dynamic and financially successful endeavor for nearly 25 years is something else html Bulk download. For a woman in a male-dominated field, it can be even more of a challenge.

So meet Trish Sare of BikeHike Adventures, who has done all of the above and much more, all the while taking a long view on culturally sustainable travel internet videos from your smartphone. On a BikeHike trip, you can hike, kayak and bike the coast of Montenegro and Croatia, bike the Bolivian Salt Flats and spend nearly two weeks exploring Vietnam and Cambodia outlook 2013. I caught up with the Vancouver-based adventure pioneer recently and had a chance to ask her about how she did it.

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