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6 Reasons To Volunteer At A Local Farm

Traditional american red farm with tractor

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Last summer, I spent long afternoons knee deep in bean stalks and blackberry brambles, with a basket full of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables at my side. I was a poor college student, and was struggling to eat three meals a day. I offered to volunteer at a local farm because I heard that they repaid workers with a week’s worth of produce. I needed to eat, and they needed help; so without hesitation, I signed up.

The farm was smaller than I expected – a few rows of melons, beans, squash, and tomatoes, a coop of squirming hens, and a couple of lazy sheep. Volunteering on a farm opened the door to a revolutionary time in my life – a time of discovering sustainability, the organic movement, and the appreciation for a simpler existence. If you give it a try, it might do the same (and more) for you!

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