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5 Gripping Survival Stories To Be Read And Passed On To Young Readers

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There’s nothing like a good survival story: The conflict is clear, the stakes are as high as they get, and you know exactly what you’re rooting for 파스텔 로즈쿼츠 다운로드. Kids know all of this instinctively, which is why there are tens of millions of I Survived books in print and everyone has read Hatchet by the time they leave 8th grade Hannibal download.

When I was 11, an adult survival story turned me onto nonfiction, and I think every kid’s reading level rises when the material is gripping enough eye4 다운로드. In that spirit, here are five classic nonfiction survival tales written for adults—to be read and passed on to young readers with a taste for adventure 포레이저 다운로드.

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