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224 Valkyrie 16 And 18 Inch Barrels Chronographed

224 Valkyrie 16 - 18
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Good morning sports fans, and welcome to the science nerd hour! Well, it’s what us knuckle-dragging heathens consider science hour anyway. Ever since we first learned about the new 224 Valkyrie round from Federal and its alleged performance, the questions have been fast and furious. I know I was extremely impressed by my first test rifle with a 22-inch barrel. But the thought I had immediately after was, how does this perform out of a 16 or 18-inch barrel?

Considering that the 224 was basically designed to optimize the AR platform, this is a fair question. Some of you varmint guys or high power shooters might only like 20 inch or longer barrels, but that is a hard sell to the rest of us. I prefer my all-around rifles to have 16-inch or occasionally 18-inch barrels, which is a pretty good compromise in 5.56/223.

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