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15 Wild Edibles You Can Forage For In The Fall

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Fall is an exciting time of year for those of us who love the outdoors. As our favorite hunting, trapping, and trout seasons open, we find ourselves spending even more time in the woods and the backcountry. During these long-awaited hours in the crisp autumn air, it’s only natural that our appetites increase as the temperatures drop.

And on those days when your creel or game bag stay empty, there’s no need to go home empty handed. For those who want to explore the art of foraging, autumn is the best season to learn about the tasty tree nuts, berries, and roots that sustained our ancestors when game proved scarce. And for the modern survivalist, it makes perfect sense to learn about the abundant wild foods that will feed your family during an emergency. Whether you are learning just for fun, or as a backup plan for survival, we hope you enjoy our forager’s guide to 15 edible plants that you’ll find in the woods this fall.

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