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15 True Survival Stories Too Absurd To Be Real

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Nothing is certain but death and taxes. We don’t know if the heroes of the following 15 stories could avoid paying their taxes, but for sure they managed to cheat Death. No matter how healthy we eat and how often we do cardio, sooner or later we face the inevitable. It is true that life is a fragile thing that can be easily taken from us any second, be it due to natural causes or because you slipped in the bathroom and hit your head.

But sometimes humans prove to be more tenacious than is expected for such an easily “breakable” biological species. They survive plane crashes, shark attacks, walking for thousands of miles through deserts and snowy mountains, severe physical traumas, frostbite, hypothermia– you name it. It seems that life after all is a stubborn little SOB and will find its way out even in the most unthinkable circumstances.

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