Urban Survival Water Resource

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Urban Survival Water Resource Over the weekend while conducting a little research I came across a blog with a relatively new idea concerning finding an urban survival water resource. We discuss various methods of finding water, purifying water and filtering water all of the time in the survivalist community. We know without a doubt that a natural disaster or emergency situation that temporarily cripples the power grid is also going to have an adverse effect on the water supply, especially in communal locations. If your water is supplied by the city, then you are at risk of being without it if/when SHTF. What many people living in these areas fail to realize is that there are several untapped urban survival water resource options available to them. Would you believe you can access these resources with a simple tool that costs under $10.00?

I wasn’t aware of this idea either until I read the article posted on another blog. Knowing where to look for an urban survival water resource might help you get through a sticky situation should your evacuation from the area become hindered.


“Imagine this scenario: for whatever reason, you are bugging out, and have to travel through an urban or suburban area, or even along an interstate highway…There's no streams or lakes or ponds nearby…You've got a container in your bug-out bag, but you need a source of clean water.
If there are commercial buildings, there is water available, but without a special tool, you can't get it!”

Obviously the last thing you are going to want to do is waste valuable time trying to find a way to scale the building to access an urban survival water resource. Not to mention if the tank is stored internally within the building getting to the roof is the least of your problems. This is where the special tool and the intimate knowledge of knowing what to look for will come in handy.


“Ever seen these special faucets on the side of a convenience store or gas station, or other commercial building?

It's known as a keyed sillcock hydrant. They are everywhere in the suburban and urban environment. They're used by building maintenance people for connecting water hoses for washing sidewalks, etc. It's a good bet that almost all have good water in them 24/7/365, whether the business is open or not. Even with the power down, there's probably going to be some pressure left, which allows you to get some hydration.”

This low cost piece of survival gear will allow you to access any urban survival water resource of this nature. It is lightweight, affordable and takes up very little space in the bug out bag. Urban survival is a tricky business in and of itself. The more knowledge we can share the better equipped we will be to handle an adverse situation.


“UPDATE: Wolf, a building maintenance engineer, confirms this will work for awhile in a power outage:
From working building maintenance for years, many large, multi-story office buildings have auxiliary water tanks on the roofs to provide adequate water pressure for the whole building. So, you are absolutely right that many of those buildings will have water AND pressure even in the absence of city water, at least for a time.”

Now I wouldn’t suggest running around town tapping every urban survival water resource you come across just to see if it works as that could lead to some legal issues. I would however recommend picking up one of these tools and storing it in your survival gear. They are self-explanatory so you don’t need to practice to perfect using them in a SHTF scenario.

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