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Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated Food for Survival

Freeze drying food is a process of preserving food and making it lighter, more convenient and greatly extending its shelf -life.  This makes it ideal for survival food storage.  Some people confuse freeze-dried food with dehydrated food and use the terms interchangeably, but they are quite different processes, producing greatly different results.  Dehydrating food in…

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Tips for Food Safety After a Disaster

It can be difficult to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness following a disaster, but is essential for your survival. These steps will help you serve safe foods and beverages: In order to prevent the spread of infection, always wash your hands with plenty of soap and water before handling or preparing food or eating. Make…

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Survival Food: How About a Nice Can of… Sandwich?

Yeah, that’s right… Canned sandwiches. Just when I thought I’d heard of just about everything, I came across this food curiosity on the internet. Made by the Utah based Mark One Foods company, the “Candwich” – as it’s dubbed – is marketed as “the perfect food for people on the go” as well as being…

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Issue #6 – The Truth About 2012 (SOLD OUT)

Issue #6- On the Road to 2012, Surviving a Super Eruption, 10 Myths about Food Storage, Top 8 Skills That Matter in a Grid Down Scenario, 2012: Apocalypse,-Not?, How to Turn a Cheap Surplus Rifle Into a Top-Line Shooter, Survival Reloading Presses and Other Gear, Metallurgy: Post 2012, Treating Major and Minor Wounds in a…

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According to Survey: Over Half of Americans are Totally Unprepared

According to a recent survey this month conducted by the  Persuadable Research Corporation over half of survey respondents believe that they are unprepared for a disaster. The problem is that the prime factor that motivates people to prepare for disasters is largely personal experience.  If you’ve never been the victim of a disaster, you tend to…

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Food Storage Deals at the Family Dollar

Heads up, Preppers!  If there’s a chain of Family Dollar discount stores in your area, you can score some good deals on canned and dry foods while supplies last.  I have a neighbor who works at the local Family Dollar here in Podunk, NH and I went there earlier today to pick up a few…

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18 Facts About the Economy Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know

Whatever the Obama administration would like you to believe (as he still blames Bush for the mess), the economy has gotten a LOT worse since the day he took office, not better.  Or in the words of economist; Michel Dube, author of “The Dollar Freefall“: The economy is broken and by all reason must collapse. Home values have plummeted…

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Suburban Prepper Group’s HUGE Food Stockpile

This is what I’m talking about! I often stress the importance of people getting together with other folks in their community to get prepared and work with each other to ensure the safety of their families. The lone wolf survivalist is a myth and when the SHTF, we’re all going to need to rely on…

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