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World Bank on Global Economy: Prepare for the Worst

Can we all call it “official” now? Now that the World Bank has issued a report warning of a severe global economic meltdown? They’re not even trying to deny it anymore. And it’s not just the World Bank that’s reporting that the outlook is a lot bleaker than anyone wanted to admit. Every day, more…

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Thinktank Forecast for 2012 – Are You Prepared?

Never mind the Mayan calendar.  There are plenty of other real and demonstrable issues that are building to a “perfect storm” that threaten our infrastructure, society and general survival, that don’t require speculation or “belief” in invisible planets, lizard people, judgment day or the end of the 13th baktun. That’s not to say I’ve ruled…

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The Economic Collapse in Greece is Making Medicine Scarce

This is what an economic collapse looks like, folks, and we ought to pay close attention because this is where we’re heading in the U.S.  All the things that you take for granted, such as medicine,  will no longer be available.  Pharmacies in Greece right now are faced with shortages of over half of the…

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