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18 Facts About the Economy Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know

Whatever the Obama administration would like you to believe (as he still blames Bush for the mess), the economy has gotten a LOT worse since the day he took office, not better.  Or in the words of economist; Michel Dube, author of “The Dollar Freefall“: The economy is broken and by all reason must collapse. Home values have plummeted…

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Chris Hedges and Two New York Attorneys Sue Obama over NDAA Martial Law Act

You may or may not be aware that on December 31st, while everyone was ringing in the new year, Barack Obama signed the draconian National Defense Authorization Act, which gives the military the authority to act as a police force within the United States and allows them to arrest and detain American citizens who are…

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Tensions Mounting in Iran, Strait of Hormuz

As tensions with Iran rise, a total of three US warships will patrol the waters surrounding the Strait of Hormuz following confirmation that a third aircraft carrier strike group is being sent to the Arabian Sea. “Another carrier strike group, led by the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, concluded a port visit to Thailand on…

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