Survival Self-Reliance System

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Survival Self-reliance system Do you consider yourself to have a survival self-reliance system in place to protect you and your family? Are you community reliant as well? Have you taken a serious look at the methods you use to determine your level of survival self-reliance? Do they still meet or exceed your demands, or do they need to be updated?

It is always a good idea to develop a survival self-reliance system that focuses on you and your immediate family. It is similarly a good idea to develop a community reliance program to deal with natural disasters and emergencies that can affect all of the residents in your region. Not all SHTF scenarios are going to include evacuating an area on an individual basis or as a group. In some situations the community will need to band together and begin rebuilding from the moment the disaster has passed.

“Research shows that individualism rarely works for surviving change and calamity. According to author Rebecca Solnit and disaster scholars Lee Clarke and Karen Chess, people who thrive during times of upheaval do so with the help of community. And knowing your neighbors, volunteering, and sharing with others substantially improves your health and happiness. In a survey by United Healthcare, nearly three-fourths of Americans who volunteer report that their volunteer work lowers their stress level; 70 percent say it makes them feel physically healthier.”

With the ongoing confusion surrounding federal government agencies and their duties when disaster strikes it would be prudent for all of us to get involved with a community reliance program. We are all at a serious disadvantage when we try to go it alone after a natural disaster has decimated the area we call home. A survival self-reliance system void of interacting with the community also limits our abilities and leaves those employing them in a ‘lone-wolf’ situation.

Natural disasters aside there are other reasons that establishing a community reliance program makes logical sound sense. Our world is changing, fossil fuels and oil resources are not going to last forever, it’s up to us to ensure the longevity of our family lineages through the proper development of survival self-reliance systems and community based counterparts.

“A growing number of experts believe it’s inevitable that our society needs to move away from businesses and institutions that are “too big to fail” and toward small, more diverse, local economies and organizations. And as we reach the end of cheap oil and try to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, we’ll need to produce more goods locally, rather than shipping them across vast distances.

If oil becomes scarce and food prices spike, the cost of every imported good is likely to go up as well. That’s why it’s important to have means for procuring the basics (food, energy, heating, water) locally.”

Take a look at your survival self-reliance system and consider getting other associates involved in a community reliance based program. You do not have to divulge the secrets of your individual plan of action to become involved in the community. The contents of your bug out bags and battle plans should remain secret, the knowledge you have obtained is all that need be shared.

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