Survival in Martial Law Situations

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martial-law What will you do if/when Martial Law is imposed? How will you respond to the military invading your neighborhood to round up citizens targeted by the watch dog lists of concerned government funded agencies? Will you go quietly into the unknown and relinquish all of your inalienable rights or will you be able to escape and evade using knowledge to your benefit?

How realistic is a martial law scenario? Have you paid attention to the news lately? Legislation for gun confiscation and stricter control, legislation that allows drones to patrol American skies, legislation that allows the indefinite detention of American citizens without due process or warrant, DHS purchasing armored vehicles for use on American soil, government funded fusion centers and the construction of FEMA friendly Residential Relocation Centers are just a handful of the items we should all be concerned about in the very near future. Take a look at this site and you will see several other Executive Orders that are in place which will illegally allow the federal government to completely take over the running of everyone in the country as they see fit. That should be enough to give anyone and everyone cause for concern. So how can you survive such a situation?

Do you live next to a military base? How many soldiers have you encountered in your daily travels? You notice them because of their uniform but you couldn’t pick them out of a lineup if you had to. They wear similar clothing and adhere to similar grooming aspects. I have been in the military and lived near military complexes my entire life so I have an advantage. I know how to dress like them and groom my appearance to look like them. You had better believe that should martial law be imposed I will vacate my house immediately dressed as an off duty soldier assigned to the neighboring base. Federal troops or those that appear to be as such may enjoy greater freedom of movement as it is likely they will be assumed to be responding to a call to duty or assisting in the process. This may be the only edge you need to silently slide through the system and make a run for the hills.

Go to a military surplus store and purchase a set of ACU’s (Army Combat Uniforms) , the full set, helmet, boots, underwear and socks Use authentic insignia patches when possible and have fake name tags printed. You don’t have to get the military haircut just yet but you might want to have a pair of shears and a riser handy just in case you need to get yourself squared away. The more you look the part the better off you may be. Appear to follow orders if confronted on the street by higher ranking military personnel, go with the flow until you can break away unnoticed. There will be plenty of chaos and confusion that will present you with the opportunity to slip off the beaten path and observe from a distance.

This may or may not work but it holds a far better chance than walking out of your house dressed in your favorite attire. You also have a far better chance of surviving the closer you live to a military complex such as urban and suburban areas. Rural residents should have plenty of forewarning to take the appropriate actions and beat feet for the hills.

Leave by foot in either scenario and avoid heavily traveled routes which will be gridlocked or patrolled frequently. Do not carry any personal identification with you other than the fake name tag. Do not carry any weapons, they will draw unwanted attention. Make your way to an escape route and get outside the perimeter. Get to your safe haven and scout it for security. Decide if it is safe to stay put or gather supplies and make for a secondary location. I hope this has given you a few ideas on escaping a situation that could be endless and catastrophic to all that succumb.

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  1. author

    MKG3 years ago

    In a martial law situation, ID cards will be checked. If you are caught in uniform without a US Government ID card you would be lucky if you are not summarily stood against a wall and shot (impersonating a government official). Also consider, If a martial law situation arises where folks are running for the hills, wearing a military uniform is asking for a bullet in the head from other preppers. My advice, dress in attire that will help you blend with other people as well as the environment.

  2. author

    Kevin3 years ago

    MKG good advice. If Martial Law does erupt and you live near a military installation the majority of individuals you encounter on a daily basis are dressed in ACU’s both on and off base. The purpose of wearing military style clothing is not to try and fool check points, it would be to blend into the traditional appearances familiar to the environment until such a time as you can make a hasty exit through someone’s backyard, at which time you would either change clothing completely, or make enough alterations to what you have on NOT to be mistaken for a member of the invading force. I agree, you run the risk of being captured, tortured, possibly even killed. You stand that same chance in civilian clothing and less of a chance of being mistaken for a member of the DHS troops. I am not saying it is going to work, but it is an option that may be worthy of consideration depending on the circumstances. All we have are options, if we do not discuss them they serve no purpose. Thank-you for the reply!

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