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Survival Gear the T.A.S.K.

survival gear Are you new to the survival arena? Are you someone that is trying to find an easier way of assembling your survival gear? Perhaps you have done a fair amount of research and come to the conclusion that you would rather purchase a prefabricated bug out bag rather than buying everything separately and stocking it accordingly. Thankfully there are some new survival gear products that are entering the market for 2013.

The T.A.S.K. (Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit) is a pre-built bug out bag that makes obtaining the necessary survival gear an easy process. If you are frustrated with trying to determine which items to put in which piece of gear, or if you simply do not have the time to do the research and discover what items are necessary, then the T.A.S.K. is just what you are looking for. Survival gear has never been easier to get all in one convenient location.

“The T.A.S.K. (Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit) has been designed by Lansky to serve as the core of your emergency bag. These tools were selected to handle a number of situations including, escape from dangerous circumstances and basic survival during a variety of natural disaster or apocalypse scenarios.”

A core set of equipment and basic tools for survival is an excellent place to begin the transitioning process. Having looked at several prefabricated survival gear solutions, the T.A.S.K. is one of those rare finds that provides you with a number of useful instruments that make surviving a bad situation possible.

“T.A.S.K includes: Multi Use Battle Axe 20 Function Multi-Tool Easy-Grip Knife Blademedic Sharpener The Puck – Dual Grit Sharpener

In addition to these fine instruments the T.A.S.K. also comes equipped with a LifeStraw. Personally I recommend investing in these devices for every member of the family. Water is a precious commodity in disaster situations. The LifeStraw is an essential piece of survival gear that will keep you well-hydrated and able to continue your journey.

The T.A.S.K. also contains a tactical flashlight, a firesteel, compass and a paracord bracelet. There is just enough survival gear contained in this kit to ensure the safety and security of you and your family under any type of emergency or disaster scenario. If you are more concerned about getting away from zombies, then I recommend adding one of these to your survival gear as they may give you an added advantage.

When it comes to securing survival gear in preparation for a disaster or emergency one can never mistake the importance of finding valuable items that should be included in the bug out bag. The T.A.S.K. is currently listed at just under $200.00 which makes it an affordable item to consider using as your core survival gear solution!

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