Solar Lights for Survival

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Solar Lights Do you have solar lights available around your house, garden, or lining the driveway and sidewalk? Have you ever considered how these handy little lights can be used in a SHTF setting? These industrious, inexpensive items are a blessing in disguise for preppers regardless of what their overall strategies are. Solar lights are also very lightweight, which makes them easier to pack away in the bug out bag.

How can you use solar lights for survival and preparedness strategies? Believe it or not, they have a number of different uses most of us have probably never taken the time to investigate. Solar lights can be used for temporary emergencies, as well as long term get out of Dodge developments. Solar lights are more than just a cheap, cost effective decoration for the exterior of the house, they are a compact multi-use masterpiece. Here are some of the various things you might consider using your solar lights for.


“Yep, manufacturers lower their costs in building solar lights by using low-quality batteries. It’s often why solar lighting gets mixed reviews – it’s not the light, but the battery that failed. Replacing the low-quality ones with higher quality batteries is the secret to both longevity and efficiency of using solar outdoor lights indoors.

Solar lighting can be used as a battery charger. You can use solar lights to charge batteries during the day, and then remove the batteries and use in other devices. Solar outdoor lights then serve double-duty and give you extra flexibility.

Because the decorative shades impede the light, removing them will expose more light and the difference can be drastic.

Most outdoor solar lights have a small sensor that works to turn off the lights at dawn. When using them indoors, you may also have other light sources that would trigger the sensor, so use some of your massive stock of camo duct tape to tape over it, effectively disabling it temporarily and keeping the light on.

Increase egg production by putting a solar lamp in a chicken coop in winter and get more “daylight” for egg production. The solar lights can be hacked to extend the solar chip outside of the coop, while keeping the light itself inside the coop.”

These are some of the various uses for solar lights that can be applied to survival strategies and prepper plans. As an added bonus, solar lights can be given as gifts to others who you are familiar with in the survival community. Will you be giving solar lights a little more serious consideration as part of your prepper gear? Can you think of any other ideas that solar lights of this sort could be used for?

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  1. author

    Roger2 years ago

    Why not use solar-powered battery chargers which are probably better made and can be used to charge most common battery sizes?

  2. author

    Scott2 years ago

    Roger: They will add flexibility to your kit & if it’s all that’s available, then that’s what you got. You are correct that the solar battery chargers are more efficient, but you might want a few of those lights so as to maximize your charging.

  3. author

    Left Coast Chuck2 years ago

    Any suggestions regarding which solar battery chargers are superior and who has the best price on that particular battery charger? I am in the market for solar powered battery chargers but am completely ignorant as to the two questions I posed.

  4. author

    Mil Thomson2 years ago

    I added eight solar lights to my outdoor landscaping primarily to use indoors at night to supplement candles and lanterns if the lights go out for an extended time. It won’t be much but may help if strategically placed.

  5. author

    JJM2 years ago

    I had 10 old solar lights that most had the electronic boards corroded. Stripped out the solar cells, laid out on a small board, wired to a variety of battery holders and can now recharge anything from AAA to D as well as 6, 9 and 12 volts. Can charge any or all simultaneously.

  6. author

    Great Grey2 years ago

    Some lights will charge turned off, other will not.


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