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New Prepper Products In the survivalist community new prepper products come onto the marketplace all of the time. I enjoy looking for new prepper products to supplement my existing inventory. One of the things I spend a lot of time focusing on is food preparation ideas. We are all pretty familiar with the different concepts we can use to stock and store surplus supplies of the food sort. Freeze drying, dehydrating and canning just to name a few concepts, provides us all with valuable information on how to ensure a healthy stable shelf life for our inventory. While this is excellent information to be sure, recipe books and instruction manuals on preparing food are some of my favorite new prepper products.

The Survivalist Cookbook makes our list of new prepper products that are worthy of taking a look at. We could all use some creative ideas for preparing all of that food we spent the past seasons harvesting and preparing for storage.

“In a Survivalist or Doomsday scenario, you and your family still need to eat!
If you expect to survive the aftermath of doomsday, you need to be prepared to keep you and your family safe and health. You'll learn how to make breads and biscuits, beans and rice, stews and soups, beef and chicken, and even desserts to keep your children happy!”

Having enough food for you and the family is one thing. Knowing some helpful hints on how to prepare it and make it appetizing and appealing is quite another. With a low price of under $3.00 The Survivalist Cookbook is of the new prepper products for finding tasty recipes.

“Doomsday can be unpredictable, like a hurricane or a devastating earthquake, giving people only a few hours or days to prepare. Some believe this will happen and some think it's all a bunch of superstition, but why even take the chance. Even if you don’t believe that doomsday is near, there are dozens of other natural disaster and man-made problem scenarios you and your family may face that require you to survive in situations you had never even dreamed of: job losses, house fires, localized or global war, famine. This book provides 75+ essential recipes and food tips you need to take in order to insure your and your family's health and survival.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself; “why even take a chance.” When it comes to storing enough food for you and your family why would you want to wait until after SHTF to start trying to accumulate the new prepper products you will need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As far as new prepper products go The Survivalist Cookbook isn’t as comprehensive as other manuals; however if you have been looking for a low cost solution for purchasing recipes this little manual may be just what you are looking for.

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