Issue #8 – Survive Martial Law

This issue features: The Reality of TEOTWAWKI and Strategies for Survival, Breaking the Matrix of the New World Order, Natural Burn Treatment, The Constitutional Sheriff: In Defense of the Second Amendment, Agenda 21: The U.N. Plan for Global Government in the 21st Century, Is the Militia Relevant Today?, The Science of Self-Defense: Disarming a Pistol-Bearing Attacker, Choosing a Scope: What’s Right for You, Surviving Yourself: Privacy and Preparation, DIY Hidden Storage, Camp Fema: The New American Community, Surviving the NWO:Planning Your Fade-Back, Land of the Free: Think Again…, Organizing a Survival Team, Product Spotlight: Useful Tools for Survival and More!

Single Copy Only $4.95 plus s/h. Shipped Dec 4th 2012

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