Issue #6 – The Truth About 2012 (SOLD OUT)

Issue #6- On the Road to 2012, Surviving a Super Eruption, 10 Myths about Food Storage, Top 8 Skills That Matter in a Grid Down Scenario, 2012: Apocalypse,-Not?, How to Turn a Cheap Surplus Rifle Into a Top-Line Shooter, Survival Reloading Presses and Other Gear, Metallurgy: Post 2012, Treating Major and Minor Wounds in a Collapse Situation, Creating a Self-Reliance Library on a Budget, How Silver Works to Promote Healthy Wound Healing, Essentials for Your Bug-Out Bag, 2012: Do We Really Have Less Than One Year Left?, Product Spotlight and More!

Single Copy Only $4.95 plus s/h. SOLD OUT!

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