Issue #6 – The Truth About 2012 (SOLD OUT)

Issue #6- On the Road to 2012, Surviving a Super Eruption, 10 Myths about Food Storage, Top 8 Skills That Matter in a Grid Down Scenario, 2012: Apocalypse,-Not?, How to Turn a Cheap Surplus Rifle Into a Top-Line Shooter, Survival Reloading Presses and Other Gear, Metallurgy: Post 2012, Treating Major and Minor Wounds in a Collapse Situation, Creating a Self-Reliance Library on a Budget, How Silver Works to Promote Healthy Wound Healing, Essentials for Your Bug-Out Bag, 2012: Do We Really Have Less Than One Year Left?, Product Spotlight and More!

Single Copy Only $4.95 plus s/h. SOLD OUT!

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  1. author

    Linda4 years ago

    LOVE this magazine! Have not recieved #6 yet, but looks like it will be another winner! Also LOVE the facebook postings! Very useful information for shareing with other preppers, or those not fully on board.

    • author

      Ed Corcoran4 years ago

      Thanks Linda!

  2. author

    Gene McNatt4 years ago

    I see that Issue #6 is out but I have not received mine yet. When will I be receiving it? I am looking forward to another great issue.

  3. author

    Willie4 years ago

    I cant wait to get this issue and the reprint as well. I hope they both arrive soon.

  4. author

    Dan4 years ago

    Has anyone received this magazine yet? 3-26-12, no snail mail issue.

  5. author

    Gene McNatt4 years ago

    I posted on March 18th that I was looking forward to the new issue. Here it is March 28 and I still have not received it. Has anybody received their’s yet??

  6. author

    Gregg4 years ago

    i saw you on you-tube Alex Jones show, i packing up for bug out and using a hunting blind as shelter, i use to do testing for magazine company to test hunting products 3 guns i did 2 inline muzzle-loader & 270 win savage, tested & 3 blinds a gunner & outhouse the last one of cobra blind works the best, it more like a portable pop up tent, though down a tarp then you have a floor, i have a camper too, i getting some 10 can food, for larger term storage, mre for bug out & camper packed with some,I think people are not realizing it, first thing EMP event has happened before! freak snow storm or ice storm, where i live power could go out too, best thing i got generator to run main heating source, if black out happens & i got camping stuff for cooking stuff I like reading this gregg

  7. author

    Gregg4 years ago

    i reload the rifles i shoot & fish too gregg

  8. author

    John4 years ago

    No issues at my usual bookstore either

  9. author

    steve4 years ago

    Any word on the mailing? Still havent received my 1st issue reprint which I was expecting a month ago also.

  10. author

    Renee'4 years ago

    4-9-2012 still havn’t rcv’d my reprint of #1 and havn’t gottin #6 either!! Any idea as to when they might ship out????


  11. author

    Willie4 years ago

    I received a email on march 29 that said they should be shipping that week but I don’t think it happened. Hopefully we have them soon.

  12. author

    Brian Evans4 years ago

    I want to apologize to George,apparently issue 6 is on its way out,I was sent a e-mail and appreciate his prompt attention.athis is a great magazine and I cant wait to get mine Brian Evans

  13. author

    Helen Back4 years ago

    Got the #6 issue! The last few have been excellent and well worth waiting for. Doctor Bones, D. Bell and C. Green are easily the best writers you have ever had! I was not impressed with the “How to turn a cheap surplus rifle into a top-line shooter” article however. I’ve know of this for quite some time and there was no real information in the article. Prices would have been nice too. Other than that, it was great! Keep up the good work.

  14. author

    Doug4 years ago

    Got the #6 issue a couple days ago! Great issue! Keep up the good work!

  15. author

    Bill4 years ago

    Got issue #6 two days ago, very nice. Glad I subscribed because I cannot ever find them on the shelves at the book stores.

  16. author

    Reader4 years ago

    Finally received issue 6 on Wednesday (5/2). Looks good. Thanks


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