Herb Fairies Survival Education System

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Herb Fairies As survivalists we are often faced with the difficult decision on how to educate our children in the various aspects of the self-reliant lifestyle we have chosen to follow. Our children are the future generations we are trying to protect by prepping for a worst case scenario. As such they deserve to be included in our survival ethics from the earliest possible age. The mind of a child is like a mental sponge. It is ready and waiting to absorb any information offered to it. When this information comes from a reliable and respected source and incorporates a family friendly and fun theme it is often easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

John over at Herb Fairies has been kind enough to re-open the Herb Fairies downloadable training content for children. The availability of these products is only open for a short time so if you want to take advantage of this self-reliant educational system, then now is the time to act. Here are the links that will help you get started in teaching the younger members of your family how self-reliance starts with instructions on how to identify herbs.

Learning Herbs for Kids:

Wildcraft Board Game:

Free Download 1st Book:

Click on any of the links below to get started in teaching your children self-reliance using the Herb Fairies Survival Education System. Time is running out and this will only be available until April 13th so don’t miss out on a fabulous opportunity to train your children to become self-reliant and survival minded.

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