Denver Airport Dungeon

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Denver Airport Dungeon If you’ve been in the survivalist community for any amount of time, then you’re probably aware of the Denver airport dungeon. I call it the Denver airport dungeon because there are several conspiracy theories surrounding this mammoth complex. The Denver airport dungeon doesn’t refer to the above ground structure itself, but to what lies beneath.

Visitors to the Denver International Airport are met with some very disturbing imagery when they arrive. Pictures, murals and statues all have what many call an apocalyptic theme, or feel, to them. That, taken in conjunction with the federal government’s involvement on the premises, lead many to theorize about what the Denver airport dungeon might actually consist of, and/or what the purpose behind the construction of this complex really is. While the government has been adept at keeping things cloaked in secrecy, what is apparent is that the DIA is scheduled for expansion, which also leads many to believe the Denver airport dungeon is scheduled to begin sprawling below ground and beyond the airport’s borders.


“What is apparent at DIA is that something unusual is going on – beyond just its surface layer of occultic and mysterious art. Rumors persist about the existence of underground facilities and tunnels beneath the surface of the airport and beyond the view of the public.

Investigative reporter Shepard Ambellas, founder of, confirmed these subterranean structures through a whistleblower working construction on the grounds. Evidence indicates the presence of a “massive deep underground military facility.”

Facilities such as the Denver airport dungeon are more commonly referred to as a D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Bunker) and there are more than just the one below the DIA. NORAD and US NORTHCOM are both located a mere 90 miles away at Petersen AFB, CO. Cheyenne Mountain house a nuclear fallout shelter for the continuity of government. Some believe all of these facilities are connected together by tunnels, including the Denver airport dungeon.


“The massive underground facility, entered at the base of Cheyenne Mountain, is known to hold a significant underground city complete with amenities for thousands of individuals. A network of tunnels – created with gigantic tunnel-boring machines that weigh several hundred tons – is connected to this Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB), but how far-reaching and connected they are is a point of contention and mystery.”

If the US Government has several facilities like the Denver airport dungeon at their disposal, what does, or could, that mean for the rest of us. The secrecy surrounding facilities like the Denver airport dungeon serves to fuel the fires of conspiracy theorists, without truly shedding light on why the government feels these underground survival structures are necessary.


“Colorado Springs and Denver are the base of the “front range,” a de facto headquarters not only for the Continuity of Government, but for the entire western portion of the United States. Deep inside the CONUS (Continental United States), Denver and Colorado Springs are insulated and strategically located.”

Is there something the government knows that they are not sharing? The strategic placement of underground environments, like the one housed in the Denver airport dungeon, indicates that they are preparing for something, and not just on a temporary scale. Rather than listen to the reasons they give us for not needing to prepare, perhaps we should ask ourselves if following suit is a more prudent position to take when building our own survival shelters.

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